Proud Painter Pics & Testimonials

See for yourself how you can paint a masterpiece with the help and guidance of Party Arty’s instructors.

Read what our painters say about Party Arty.

“Party-Arty is simply the best! My first attempt, which I thought would end up in the trash, is still hanging proudly in my kitchen! It’s not that I’m artistic, it’s because Denise & staff are just that good at guiding you through each project! Always look forward to a fun & successful time painting with Party-Arty!!”

-Karen Harlock

“I think you are fantastic. You are more patient, and I always loved that you went table to table explaining the next step before we moved on, and helping when needed. For real, the table to table explanation is by far the best!”

– Jennie Badalamenti 

“Everyone who works for Party-Arty is so friendly and helpful. And you are much more flexible on personalizing every painting, allowing variety of colors and designs. I always have a blast at your events!”

– Shelli Cowan 

“I love that all of the instructors are able to work one-on-one with everyone in the group. And your team does not hurry through all the steps like other places. You do amazing things for charities too!!!”

– Amy Lowry 

“I love Party Arty! We always have a blast and you guys are so patient with everyone. And of course you always help me fix my “oopses”. I’ve never painted with any other company, but it doesn’t seem like the other paint companies offer the individual instruction and help that you guys offer throughout the night.”

– Jessica Nicolard 

“Party-Arty is my favorite because they want you to like your painting! Everyone is so friendly and make everyone feel like they are an artist!”

– Nichole Pearson Pugh 

“I was the last one to finish my painting. Pain and fatigue issues cause me to be slower quite often. Brooke was incredibly kind and didn’t make me feel rushed as I finished my piece. Larger companies seem to be quite rigid in their timing. I couldn’t have appreciated her kindness more.”  

– Nicole Piro 

“I love how personal the instructions are. You really take the time to help us paint the best picture we can. I’ve been to other places where an instructor stands in the front and just shows you what to do and then you’re on your own. You would never do that to us!”

– Tammy Agosta 

“I love Party Arty because they go through step by step to make sure your painting comes out just the way you want. They can make non-artistic painters look like pros! Love all the staff!”

– Nikki Pruitt 

“I love Party-Arty because you are kind, helpful, and so patient with people. I love that you always try to make it all about the customer experience. I have painted with others and love that you put an outline on the canvas but still encourage people to be creative with their painting.”

– Brenda Vaccaro 

“I love the more personal feeling of painting with Party-Arty. I support local.” 

– Jennifer Stobbs 

“Party arty is very personal experience. It is fun yet relaxing and the out come of the painting I have done are truly displayable. Your venues are quaint and class sizes are just right for individual attention.”

– Barb Fraley