Our Artists

Everyone can paint with PartyArty! Our artists take pride in helping you create a masterpiece you are proud to take home and display.


Denise started Party Arty over 10 years ago, before paint & sip parties were even a “thing” around here. She loves coming up with new ideas for our events. 

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she is a graphic designer by day and a paint party instructor by night. 



Brooke is a graduate of Malone University. 

She is a very talented artist and loves to teach people how to paint and make sure they not only have fun, but also leave with a project they love.


Emily is a college student and loves to teach paint parties in the evenings and weekends to help pay for college. 

Emily is bubbly and fun – if you have painted with her, you will remember her!


Victoria has been with Party Arty for several years. She started as a hostess and was our first addition to Party Arty Paint Instructing. 

She is enthusiastic and creative and always ready to lead a paint party… especially home parties!